NFU Water Bank

The NFU Water Bank is a free service that helps our members find willing donors and recipients of short-term trades of water during the current agricultural drought. Sellers and buyers will be considered by the Environment Agency on a case by case basis.

Step by step guide to using NFU water bank

Step 1

Fill out the form below and make sure you include your name, NFU membership number, contact phone number and email address

Step 2

In the drop down box, select your Environment Agency region then your catchment area in the drop down list that appears below it.

Step 3

Use the drop down box to select willing donor or recipient

Step 4

Insert details of your abstraction licence. The sequence of characters on your licence reveals important information about your water source. It is vital that potential trading parties find a match between their abstraction licences with all of the characters.

Your licence number can be found on the front page of your irrigation licence.

Abstraction licence number explained


Licence number 6/33/37/*S or G/9999
6 is Anglian Region – step 2 above
33 is Cam & Ely Ouse CAMS catchment – step 3 above
37 is Lark local sub-catchment
S or G designates a surface water or groundwater abstraction licence
9999 is the four-digit individual licence number which is irrelevant for matching purposes but important for the EA

Step 5

Double check the details have you have entered are correct and then hit “Submit”.
Check back on the website later in the day to see if your details have been published.
People who want to trade with you will get in touch directly. If you want to trade with other people using the service, contact them using the details they have provided.

Step 6

When you find a match with a potential trading partner you should make contact with them to establish the trade. You can then jointly contact the EA to seek approval for their short-term, emergency trade.

NFU Water Bank Terms and Conditions

The parties have absolute discretion in relation using the Water Bank there is no guarantee that the parties will come to an arrangement and any negotiation is down to the individuals concerned. Any loss or damage suffered as a result of a fault, error or omission in using the Water Bank by the parties is down to the parties and not the NFU.

By completing the form with your details on this page, you are agreeing to have the details submitted on this form (name, general location - region / county, telephone number and details of what's wanted / available) appear on this page of the NFU website, which is publicly accessible.

Please take time to read the NFU's Privacy Policy if you require further information.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4