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The news this week is full of stories about the trade deal between the UK and Australia, and the NFU has warned that the deal could undermine British food producers. As negotiations reach a conclusion, we shed some light on the deal and why it matters, and what it means for both farmers and consumers. To get the lowdown, click here.

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The warmer weather (if it lasts!) means there's even more to do in the garden to reap the benefits of the sowing and planting done earlier in the year. Botanist and Countryside columnist Pippa Greenwood shares her top tips for gardening during the summer months. Click here to find out more.

Farmers are playing a vital role in looking after the environment. Whether it's encouraging rare butterflies or providing nest sites for birds, British farmers are doing a great deal to help care for the planet and wildlife on their farms. Click here for some of their inspirational stories.

The government has announced a ban on the sale of all peat compost in garden centres by 2024. But what is peat and what is it used for? And how are British farmers helping to manage and maintain peatland soils for future generations? Click here to find out more.

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Looking for something a bit different to enjoy on a picnic this month? This might just be the perfect picnic pie. Tasty, packed full of beef and stuffed with fat hardboiled eggs, this beef and egg picnic pie is great for sharing and picnics with friends. Click here for the full recipe.

Quiz challenge

Try your hand at our fun countryside quiz. Click here for the answers

1. Which mountain range is known as the 'backbone' of England?

2. How many species of bat can be found in the UK?

3. What colour are the legs of the kingfisher?

4. Rhapsody, Alice and Cambridge Favourite are all types of which summer fruit?

5. What is the collective noun for a group of moles?

6. Which vegetable was first known as ‘Italian asparagus’?

We've teamed up with Scruffs to give you the chance to win a luxury comfy bed, worth more than £109, for your four-legged friend. Plus, there's the chance to win tickets to the fun Woofstock dog festival in Devon and the charming Loseley Garden Show in Surrey. Find out more about these great competitions here.

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It's wonderful to see the return of many rural shows this year and we're delighted to have  some fabulous ticket offers for members. Members can save on tickets to the Great Yorkshire Show and the new Bath and West Country Festival. Find out the full details and how to claim your discount to these great events here.

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